Core Team Members

Nick Loschin: Nick is an AgBioFEWS PhD student investigating evaluating potential risks of new food and agriculture technologies. He holds a BS degree in Environmental Science from NC State, and collaborates with the US EPA on developing risk assessment approaches.

Corie Griebel: Corie is a MS student investigating methods and approaches to co-create knowledge with stakeholders, also collaborating with the STEPS Center. She holds a BS in Environmental Science from NC State.

Christopher Oates: Chris is a MS student investigating phosphorus source tracking methods to identify priority areas and impacts on local communities in North Carolina. He is also a member of the STEPS Center, where he received the 2023 STEPS Center Director’s Fellowship Award. He holds a BS in Biological and Agricultural Engineering from NC State. Dr. Natalie Nelson serves as his primary faculty advisor, and is co-advised by Dr. Grieger.

Madison Horgan (MSE)Madison is an Risk Researcher and Engagement Specialist. She also serves as a PhD student in Sustainability Engineering at Arizona State University, where she is conducting research on resilience of critical infrastructure systems. She received her BS in Material Science & Engineering and Philosophy from NC State.

Lakshmi Tharuni Sivakumar: Lakshmi is an Interdisciplinary Researcher and Engagement Specialist, focusing on project management, stakeholder meetings, and engagement. She also serves as a MS student in the Engineering Management Program. Overall, she is dedicated to fostering growth through collaboration and strategic communication.

Dr. Ashton Merck: Dr. Merck is a Postdoc working in interdisciplinary risk sciences, responsible innovation, and new technologies in food and agriculture. She is also a member of the STEPS Center. She holds a PhD in History from Duke University, specializing in risk and regulation within food and ag sectors.

Dr. Christopher Cummings: Dr. Cummings is a Senior Research Scholar in the GES Center (NC State) and Gene Edited Foods Project (Iowa State). He continues to assist Grieger et al. on USDA/NIFA grants and other research projects.

Interdisciplinary Risk Science team (2022)

Student and Postdoc Collaborations

Ilaria Cimadori (PhD Student); Ilaria is a PhD student at the Yale School of the Environment. She is interested in investigating issues surrounding animal welfare in the light of the new gene editing technologies from a law and regulations point of view. She holds a MA in comparative international relations from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Italy. Dr. Grieger supervises Ms. Cimadori on a USDA/NIFA-funded grant and also serves on her graduate student committee at Yale.

Sebastian Zarate (FER) (PhD Student), Sweet-APPS; Sebastian is an AgBioFEWS PhD student and member of Peruvian Team of the Comparative Covid Response Network. Dr. Grieger supervises Mr. Zarate’s interactions with stakeholders affiliated with Sweet-APPS.


Previous Team Members and Students

Mumtahina Riza

Mumtahina Riza: Ms. Riza completed her MS in Biology in spring 2023, focusing on potential environmental risks of P-capturing materials in eutrophic waters. She now serves a as PhD student at the University of Central Florida.

Dr. Wei Wei: Dr. Wei served as Research Associate in 2022-2023, working in risk assessment and risk management of new nano- and biotechnologies in food and agriculture.

Dr. Sandy Ramsey (CSS); Sandy served as a Ph.D. student and AgBioFEWS fellow at NC State under the direction of Dr. Ramon Leon. Her research focused on precision planting for maximization of weed suppression and yield in row crops. Dr. Grieger served as Graduate Committee Member for Dr. Ramsey.

Cheyana Bassham (FWC), Dr. Grieger served as primary advisor for Ms. Bassham’s undergraduate research project, Spring 2021.

Becca Michael: Ms. Rebecca Michael served as a Stakeholder Engagement Specialist, involved in conducting interviews with the Sweet-APPS, GRIP4PSI project (2020-2021).

David Glas: Mr. Glas served as a Risk Science Communications Expert (2020-2021).

Dr. Adam Kokotovich, Dr. Grieger supervised on USDA/NIFA grant (2019-2021).


Collaborations across NC State and beyond